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  1. Good morning Marsha,

    We would love the opportunity to work your company Merry Rug & Carpet Cleaners as a great resource for providing quality full time carpet cleaners and cleaning techs if you have difficulty meeting your staffing needs year round. We assist foreign nationals coming primarily from Brazil that are seeking a full time position so they can live and work in the USA permanently. The majority of our candidates speak English very well and many are already currently living in the U.S. as international students and they are coming from Brazil and Vietnam. When each new employee starts they will have their Green Card and Social Security Card in hand and they can start working for you immediately.

    You as the employer are not obligated to keep them on staff for any specific amount of time if they are not following company policies to your satisfaction. The entire process is simple to start and we source the best qualified candidates suitable for your brand. We also take care of filing all of the paperwork to the Dept Of Labor on your behalf and the only fee you pay for is for the 2 Sunday newspaper ads which is very affordable.

    We can also help you if you have your own resources outside of the U.S.Please let me know if you are interested in the free staffing services our company provides.

    Best Regards,

    Gina Silva
    Director Of Employer Relations

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